Refillable wiper blades

Save money and reduce waste with premium, refillable wiper blades. Our custom packs include the right length blades with the right connector for your car.

How it works:

Step 1 – Get our Refillable Wiper Blades.
Step 2 – When your wiper blades start to show wear, order our Rubber Refills.
Step 3 – Slide the old rubber pieces out of your wiper blades and slide in the new ones.

Difficulty may vary depending on wiper blade length.

$3 Rubber refills.

Accidentally run your wipers over ice (several times) and ruin them? We can fix that for just 3 bucks a piece instead of the cost of all new blades.

Just the right lengths

We select the right length wiper blades your car needs.


Easy to install

Thanks to our custom connectors designed to best fit your car.

Premium wiper features.

Durable.   Quality, teflon-coated rubber blade supported by high-performance steel with PVC cover

Reliable.   Tested by industry standards (SAE J903) to 1.5 million wipes

Effective.   Aerodynamic edge increases wiper pressure against the windshield

Consistent.   Internal memory steel spring exerts constant force across the blade