Get a Wiper Pack.

TWO premium blades.
ONE custom pack.
ZERO hassle.

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Get a Wiper Pack

TWO premium blades.
ONE custom pack.
ZERO hassle.

Wiper Packs are made to fit your car:

Correct Lengths

for proper coverage

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Custom Connectors

for easy installation

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Beam-style Blades

for consistent contact

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Replace just the rubber.

We don’t think you should have to buy all new blades when only the rubber is worn out. Our blades are designed to let you easily install rubber refills if you choose.

Get a Wiper Pack, then come back for a Refill Pack when your wipers show wear.

Premium wiper features…

Durable.   Quality, teflon-coated rubber blade supported by high-performance steel with PVC cover

Reliable.   Tested by industry standards (SAE J903) to 1.5 million wipes

Effective.   Aerodynamic edge increases wiper pressure against the windshield

Consistent.   Internal memory steel spring exerts constant force across the blade

Efficient.   Designed to let you easily replace just the rubber, instead of the whole blade

…at a reasonable price.

*Average price calculated across all sizes for comparable wiper blades from 3 selected leading brands on (Apr 2019)


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