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Our Story

The Wiper Group LLC was founded out of frustration after years of buying windshield wipers. The market is flooded with tons of indistinguishable options. Finding the right size wiper blades is a pain, and installation is even worse thanks to multi-adapters. Premium wiper blades are over-priced while cheaper ones lack quality, and telling the difference between the two can be impossible. Perhaps most frustrating, new blades have to be purchased even when just the rubber is worn out.

We knew it could be better.

We’re different because we don’t complicate your life with dozens of unneeded options. Instead, we offer one Wiper Pack for your car that has exactly what you need: premium quality blades at a reasonable price. We customize each pack to include the right size blades. To make installation easy, we use custom connectors on our blades where many other brands use multi-adapters – because finding the right connector to fit your car should be our problem, not yours. Finally, we offer Refill Packs, which include just the rubber refills. Our blades are designed to make it easier to change them out, so you don’t have to replace the whole blade every time.

Thanks for visiting The Wiper Group. I hope our website helps you take a frustrating part of car ownership and do it simply! 

All the best,


Zach Saylor
President / Founder