Frequently Asked Questions

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About Our Wiper Blades

How do your blades compare to others in terms of quality?

Our wiper blades are made of quality materials and tested rigorously by industry standards to a life of 1.5 million wipes. We hate to generalize, but we will say that you’d have trouble finding wiper blades that perform much better than ours.

How do your blades compare to others in terms of price?

Our prices are extremely competitive. A Wiper Pack includes 2 blades for $25, which is much cheaper than the average price of the leading brands, which is around $34 for 2 blades. Also, we offer rubber refills that cost just $3 each, making windshield wiping even cheaper.

How can The Wiper Group sell premium wipers cheaper than other companies?

We achieve low prices in a couple key ways. First, we only sell our Wiper Packs through our own online store, so we don’t have any retailers taking a big cut. Second, we simply avoid taking higher margins than necessary. Part of why The Wiper Group launched is because windshield wipers were too expensive, so we do whatever it takes to keep our prices low for our customers.

What is a beam blade? Is it better than a conventional blade?

In short, there are 3 types of windshield wiper blades: conventional, hybrid, and beam. Our Wiper Packs all include beam blades. We like the features they provide such as aerodynamics, even pressure distribution, and an aesthetic, reliable design. Our specially-designed beam blades also enable a simple replacement method for the rubber refill that would not be possible with the other types of blades.

My car has a ______ type wiper arm, will your wiper blades fit my car?

Absolutely! If there is a Wiper Pack available for your car from our website, then you can rest assured it will work with your car. In fact, one way we customize Wiper Packs is by including wipers with custom connectors that are made to fit your car’s wiper arm type. That means your blades will fit every time. Plus, because there are no multi-adapters, installation is as easy as possible.

About Wiper/Refill Replacement

How do I find out what size wiper blades fits my car?

We make it so you don’t need to know which sizes fit your car. Just find the Wiper Pack for your car using the Getting Started link and it will include the length of blades you need (sizes are shown on the product page for a given Wiper Pack). Your wipers will even come labeled “Driver’s Side” and “Passenger’s Side” so you know which side to install them on.

When should I change my windshield wipers?

To stay safe, you should replace windshield wipers any time they appear damaged/worn, or they are not functioning properly. When exactly that occurs will be different for everyone based on their environment and frequency of use.

Can I just change my refills every time?

Unfortunately, no. While replacing the refills is a great, cheap option, over time the wiper blades themselves will start to wear. Once this happens, you should get a Wiper Pack to replace the blades – then you can just get refills again. You can expect to replace the refills approximately 2-4 times before you should replace the blades (depends greatly on environmental conditions and use).

What if my wiper blades are streaking/smearing/chattering, but are otherwise in good shape?

You have two options. 1) You can get a Wiper Pack to replace the blades, or 2) You can get a Refill Pack to replace just the rubber piece. We recommend getting the Refill Pack if the wiper blade itself is still in good shape. Refills are much cheaper, and our blades are designed to let you easily replace them.

Only one of my wiper blades is worn out. Should I still replace both?

Yes. Your wiper blades are exposed to the same conditions, so if one is worn out then the other is not far behind. If a rare situation arises where you really do need to replace just one blade, you can contact us and we will help you.

Where can I find wiper blade installation instructions?

We have step-by-step instructions and installation videos at

About The Wiper Group

What is your return/exchange policy?

If you are not satisfied with your wiper purchase or you made a mistake in purchasing, we will provide a refund for unused products mailed within 14 days of when they were received. Returns must be pre-approved to qualify for a refund, and you may be required to pay for return shipping. However, you can rest assured that if we make a mistake in your order we will fix it or give a full refund.

Do you ship worldwide?

We currently only offer our products to customers in the USA.

How quickly will I receive my products?

Our products ship with USPS Priority Mail, so they should arrive in 2-3 business days after payment. Orders placed after 5pm Friday are not guaranteed to ship out until the following Monday. Customers in remote shipping locations such as Alaska and Hawaii can expect shipping to take slightly longer.

Please stay safe: if your current wipers are bad enough that they are causing you to risk your safety, please refrain from driving in hazardous conditions. If that’s not possible, we encourage you to go to a local retailer and buy there to replace your wipers immediately – you can aways buy from us next time.

How can I contact The Wiper Group if I need help or have questions?

You can fill out our contact form at, or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!