Installation Instructions

Our windshield wipers are built to make installation and rubber replacement simple.

Windshield Wiper Installation

1. Remove Plastic Cover

Slide the plastic protector off the wiper blade to expose the rubber edge.

2. Open Connector Cover

Press down on the finger grips on either side of the connector, then lift the cover.

3. Place Arm Through Cover

Insert the wiper arm on your vehicle through the hole in the connector cover.

4. Raise Wiper Blade

Raise the wiper blade relative to the arm to align the u-hook with the connector.

5. Secure Hook Into Connector

Firmly pull the wiper blade along the arm so the hook completely enters the connector.

6. Close Connector Cover

Push down the connector cover so that it snaps into place. Then remove the plastic protector from the rubber and you’re all finished!

Windshield Wiper Installation

Rubber Refill Replacement

1. Slide Back End of Rubber

Doing this reveals a cutout that is only located at one end of the blade.

2. Pull Rubber Through Cutout

Pay attention to how this refill sits in the blade. This will help you install the refill.

3. Fully Remove Rubber

Pull the old rubber insert completely out. Out with the old, in with the new!

4. Insert Rubber Refill

Push end of refill into the cutout. Only the top of the refill goes into the wiper blade.

5. Slide Refill Fully In

The rubber refill is fully pulled in once the end of the refill is past the cutout.

6. Pull Refill to End of Wiper

Push refill to the end of the blade. Make sure it does not pull back out of the cutout.

Rubber Refill Replacement